Clearly Surely

Web design for a Singapore based Insurance comparison site.

Get Clear, Be Sure. Clearly Surely is an insurance information and comparrison site based in Singapore.

I originally connected up with the Clearly Surely guys via Upwork a platform that connects freelancers to potential clients. After working with them on some minor touch-up work they asked if I could look at creating a brand and web design for their new venture in Singapore.


The process began with exploring the brand values and the service offering, the site’s selling point is to provide a single access point for users to find insurance explaination, comparison and discussion.

Clearly Surely was trying to grab attention, and stand-out in a generally conservative, corporate and bland insurance market. Exploring the mix and blend of bold color was the starting point

Concept Design

Several iterations later, a geometric identity was chosen to represent the brand.

CS Brand

User Interface

Following on from the brand a web interface was created, the interface mapped all of the key views in the site with the layout designed to fit inside the commonly used Bootstrap framework.

CS Homepage

CS Results

Mobile UI

The design was provided for desktops and for smartphone devices.

CS Mobile

Clearly Surely was developed and implemented by a 3rd Party vendor. Full Flat Artwork, Branding and a Styleguide was provided.

Check out Clearly Surely here.

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