Design & direction for a Singapore based digital innovation agency.

My collaboration with InnoCellence began in early 2013 - working alongside a global team of IT specialists I lead the creative effort with a strong team of user-experience designers and front-end developers at the company’s headquarters in Singapore.

InnoCellence name cards


The original InnoCellence brand concept represents the convergence of Innovation & Excellence, although the logo concept was sound, the identity lacked foresight and easily became dated.

Introducing a refreshed logo, and defining a full set of corporate guidelines enabled us to define a clear identity. The rules, although firm, allow for brand adaption and diversification - critical for a business that needs to stay agile in an evolving market.

Defined: InnoCellence identity

Download the full guideline here.


InnoCellence is passionate about digital innovation and it’s ability to enhance the business operations of their clients.

With a focus on the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry - It has been critical to pioneer a mobile-first, responsive and adaptive web design strategy along with a hybrid approach to app development.

User experience also sits at the company’s heart. We have integrated a strong UI & UX strategy throughout our innovation process which is supported by a foundation of advanced UX guidelines, user research, heuristic review, rapid prototyping and usability testing methods.

Online Presence

Creating an updated web experience has been an important part of the brand refresh for InnoCellence. A new marketing campaign has been created to drip feed the new look website with targeted articles that will lead to increased SEO performance and reinforce the brand values.

For simplicity, we made the decision to drop our previous wordpress install, in favour of a static site build with Jekyll.

Updated: InnoCellence Website

The new site has been deployed and currently supports English and Chinese.

View the InnoCellence Website here.

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