Short Pants Party

A dead good party from Tokyo.

Founded in 2010, Short Pants Party pulled together odd-ball Tokyo DJs, live independant music, and two of Tokyo’s most eclectic party spaces; Trump Room and Trump House.

Short Pants Party


A bold and simplicitic logo was chosen to represent the brand on all promotional materials, it’s flexible, recognisable, and really easy to work with in many various formats.

SPP: Logo

Short Pants has always been about having fun, the artwork and design for the event has always tried to reflect the cookie party-vibe and make a joke of itself. Each artwork produced has always included an alternate or topical meaning, illustrations and graphics have always alternatively represented the event.

SPP: Party 1 & 2 SPP: Soft Pants Party SPP: 1st Year Anniversary SPP: Party 4 SPP: Short Pants Beach Party

Events have featured a wide range of Japanese artists and performers including; Mop of Head, The Future Ratio, tomharu, DJ Kyoko, Kan Takahiko, DJ RS, Jommy, BAZZ, The Sullivans, smoooch!, DA MONDE, Dusty John Thomas, Gypsy Badman, and The 9/11s.

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