The New Order

Concept user interface design and logo refresh for The New Order Magazine.

The New Order is a beautifully crafted and curated print magazine hailing from Tokyo. Street and high-end fashion sit side-by-side with an innovative look at art, design and music.

After the success of the print edition I was engaged by the magazine owners to provide consultation and create a simple and clean user interface for their step into the digital world.

Main Navigation

A Fully responsive web design was purposed, it featured a lightweight grid based structure with a mute palette of styles.

TNO: Main Navigation


Maintaining a ‘blank’ canvas was important when designing this site, it was critical that the quality of the magazine content shone through the UI and provided the reader with a tactile experience.

TNO: Homepage


As the site would be run using a Wordpress CMS, the decision was taken to use a dynamic CSS & JS approach to create high-resolution image crops. This enabled the site to fit all devices with minimum load time.

TNO: Blog TNO: Article

Read The New Order Online here.

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