Zig Salon

A super-fast web build for a new hair salon in Singapore.

Zig Salon run by stylist Zig Shee, was looking for a straight-forward website that would be ready to ship inline with his store opening.

Zig had a pretty clear idea of what he was looking for in terms of identity - black, gold and white, with a clean-cut, clinical typographic style were to be used.

The dual-lined ‘Z’ symbol was provided early on in this project, but I still generated several identity concepts for Zig to review.

Identity Ideas

Zig Salon Identity Ideas

Final Identity

Zig Salon Logo

Website Build

The critical success factor in this project was the rapid deployment - I only had a week or so to get the domain name sorted, spin-up the site, design the interface, populate with content and test.

I decided to use the Squarespace platform as a templating base for this site, that provided me with decent responsive foundations, and importantly, a CMS so Zig could edit content visually in the future.

Of course this wasn’t just an ‘out-of-the-box’ Squarespace build, after initial setup and template, I still had to do so heavy CSS and JS customisation to get the UI looking right. From there I hooked up the associated social accounts, linked up analytics, added in some SEO friendly meta, and the site was ‘future-friendly’ and good to go.

Zig Salon Homepage

Zig Salon Pricelist

Visit the site to see the final product (and book a haircut)!

If you are looking for a super-quick website, contact me for a chat.