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26 August 2018
Increasing User Control with Sort and Filter using List.js

Create a sortable list of items with some dynamic filters.

20 July 2018
Build a Dynamic Table of Contents with jQuery

A simple and dynamic Table of Contents script

08 March 2018
Display Shots with the Dribbble v2 API

Use Dribbble's v2 API to show your shots on a webpage with HTML & Javascript.

03 November 2017
Styling Google Gantt Charts with CSS

How to style Gantt charts with Google and CSS.

25 October 2017
Improving Readability with MatchHeight.js

Using MatchHeight.js to dynamically set the height of selected page elements exactly.

14 May 2016
Set a Custom Homepage in SharePoint 2013 (Online)

I don't find SharePoint fun, but needs must. Here is how I deployed a static Jekyll site to SharePoint.

11 January 2016
Create a Simple Facebook Share Button in Jekyll

Build a simple facebook share button for your Jekyll website.

20 December 2015
Display Instagram Posts on a Webpage with Instafeed.js

Instafeed.js is an open source script designed to get the contents of an Instagram account. Here is how I set it up in an HTML page.

15 December 2015
Requesting an Access Token from Instagram

Instagram changed their API introducing new restrictions and a permissions process. Here is how I re-registered my Instagram client and got an Access Token so I pull my Instagram Feed with Javascript.

05 December 2015
Getting Started with Jekyll & Github Pages

I made the switch from a clunky CMS (Content Management System) to simple static HTML... Here's how to spin up a Jekyll generated website, and host it for FREE with Github Pages.