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11 January 2016
Create a Simple Facebook Share Button in Jekyll

Build a simple facebook share button for your Jekyll website.

20 December 2015
Display Instagram Posts on a Webpage with Instafeed.js

Instafeed.js is an open source script designed to get the contents of an Instagram account. Here is how I set it up in an HTML page.

Digital Diabetes Patient Support Program

Multi-channel digital solutions that empower people prescribed insulin with learning tools they can access anytime, anywhere.

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Soul Guided

Responsive web deisgn (and a brand refresh) for a wellness blog in Singapore.

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Zig Salon

A super-fast web build for a new hair salon in Singapore.

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Clearly Surely

Web design for a Singapore based Insurance comparison site.

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Design & direction for a Singapore based digital innovation agency.

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Flat White

Identity and web design for a quaint cafe in the North of England.

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The New Order

Concept user interface design and logo refresh for The New Order Magazine.

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Crypto Box

User interface and identity design for a cryptocurrency consultancy.

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